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Peilian CHI, Ph.D. 池培蓮
Peilian Chi.jpg

Principal Investigator

Dr. Chi is a faculty member at Department of Psychology, University of Macau. The central focus of her research is to understand individual and relational resilience from a biopsychosocial and family systems perspective. Her research has two main areas: resilience of youths in adversities and relational resilience processes. I uses a variety of behavioral and neuroscience methods, and biomarkers to study dyads and individuals.

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KaLai LAM, Ph.D. 林嘉麗

Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr. LAM is interested in conducting meta-analytic, qualitative, and quantitative research in the fields of Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology. A major goal of her current research is to investigate the effectiveness of positive psychological interventions.

Qi ZHAO, Ph.D. 趙琪   

Postgraduate Researcher

Dr. Qi ZHAO, a postdoctoral fellow, got her doctoral degree from the University of Macau in 2023. Her current research interests lie at the intersection of social neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience, especially focusing on interpersonal neural synchronization during social interactions of close relationships.

Liuyue HUANG, M.A. 黃柳玥

Postgraduate Researcher

Liuyue is a PhD student who is interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms of the biopsychosocial responses among people with trauma experiences and how to improve their resiliency through a multisystem perspective. In addition, she is committed to discovering more effective and accessible interventions in order to improve the well-being of people with trauma experiences.

Chunhui YANG 楊淳惠

Postgraduate Researcher

Chunhui is a PhD student whose research interests are centered around gender inequality. Specifically, she dedicated to exploring ambivalent sexism in private and public spheres using empirical evidence. Besides, her passion lies in the antecedents of mental disorders.

Kaixin LIANG M.A. 梁凱欣

Postgraduate Researcher

Kaixin is a psychology PhD student who holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from Shenzhen University. Her research focuses on promoting mental health through lifestyle behaviors like physical activity, sleep, and diet. Her goal is to provide simple and effective solutions for health promotion.

Liutong OU 歐柳彤

Postgraduate Researcher

Tong is a Master student in Cognitive Neuroscience of Institution of Collaborative Innovation at University of Macau. She is interested in parent-child interaction and play. She received her bachelor degree in psychology from Southwest University in 2021.

Shibo ZHOU 周世博

Postgraduate Researcher

Zhou Shibo is a Master's student majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Science. He is interested in Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) and social neuroscience. He received the bachelor's degree in finance from Zhengzhou University in 2021.

Yilin HU 胡亦琳

Postgraduate Researcher

Yilin is a Master student in Cognitive Neuroscience of Institution of Collaborative Innovation at University of Macau. She is interested in the underlying cognitive mechanism of social interactions between couples. She received her bachelor degree in applied psychology from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 2020.

Undergraduate Students
Ivy, Xinran NIU 牛欣然

Undergraduate Student

Ivy works as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab. Her research interest is ASD parenting. Now she is working and studying at ASD joint attention research project.

Margie, Xiaomeng WANG 王曉萌

Undergraduate Student

Margie is an undergraduate research assistant and her research interest is in Health Psychology. She is currently working and studying at ASD-related research projects.

Hang, Wei Hang ZHANG, 張葦杭

Undergraduate Student

Hang is an undergraduate research assistant and his research interest is in Parent-child relationship. He is currently working and studying in parent-child sychoronization research projects.

Lab Alumni
Lihua CHEN, Ph.D. 陳麗華
Lihua Chen.jpg

Dr. Chen was a former post-doctoral fellow at Department of Psychology, University of Macau. She earned her Ph.D. and Master’s Degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Beijing Normal University. Her primary research interest lies in: (1) stress and health: the psychological and physiological mechanisms of the associations between early adversities (poverty, discrimination, and physical maltreatment) and children’s health; (2) resilience and positive development: how resilience buffering the detrimental effects of stress, and promoting positive development.

Shan ZHAO, Ph.D. 趙珊​

Shan graduated in 2021 and obtained her PhD. Her research area is in Interventions in health psychology, including mindset intervention towards people in low socioeconomic status. She received the master degree in health psychology from University of Leeds in 2015.

Qianfeng Li, Ph.D.李乾峰

Qianfeng graduated in 2020 and obtained his PhD. He is working at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Qinglu WU, Ph.D.  吳清祿

Qinglu was a former post-doctoral researcher in the lab and is working at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai as an Associate Professor.

List of Former Trainees
2023 Undergraduates: Karena, Peixin OU 歐沛欣; Thomas, Hangshek Lau 劉恒碩
2022 Undergraduates: Sylvia, Guyu Sun 孫顧宇; Shirley, Xue Peng 彭雪; Schuyler, Yanwen Hou; Silence, Yixiao Shi 史一瀟; Hester, Yihan Zhang 張一涵
2021 Undergraduates: Ken, Chin Pok Sit 薛展博; Rex, Cheok Him Lao 劉卓謙; Ella, Kehui Wu 吳柯慧; Alisa, Yingjia Wan 萬穎佳

2020 Undergraduates: Ashley, Hioieng Wong 黃曉瑩; Sherrill, Tongxiaoyu Li 李仝笑雨; Sue, Yuan Ji 紀元

2019 Undergraduates: Wing Yingshi Chen, Winnie Wei Zhang, Ning Fang, Xin Yi Chen

2018 Undergraduates: Jinhang Lin, Margaret Ka Wan Ao

2017 Undergraduates: Haoting Chen, Nicole Leong, Yuting Ma, Ge Wu

2016 Undergraduates: Yuecong Fu

​Other Trainees: Fangyuan Yao, Fei Gu, Xin Zhang, Zhuoshi Zhang, Huanling Yuan

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